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NZ Girls try Thai Pocky | Munch Monday

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Another adorable and so much fun video of Thai Pocky review. Two really cute girls from New Zealand have something to share us today. All popular selections of Thai Pocky including fruit flavours, chocolate and matcha green tea which are now available at Thai Snack Online with free worldwide shipping to your doorstep. Check it Out!

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Here's some nice sharing from Mia and Halle:

  • Pocky (blueberry) - Comes with real blueberry flakes coated like yogurt on a stick, smells yummy and taste like blueberry yogurt ... so good (score: 5/5)

  • Pocky (matcha green tea) - Smells like the green tea frappuccino from Starbucks, Yum! Even if you don't really like green tea but you're gonna love this (score: 5/5)

  • Pocky (chocolate) - Smells like real chocolate as well as its taste ... so delicious (score: 5/5)

  • Pocky (cookie & cream) - Chocolate biscuit coated with milk confectionery and crushed cookies, smells like white chocolate and taste like actual cookies in an ice-cream (score: 5/5)

  • Pocky (strawberry) - Comes with real strawberry flakes and it's simply really good (score: 5/5)

Pocky - Biscuit Stick Cookies & Cream

Pocky - Biscuit Stick Cookies & Cream

It does taste like my favorite ice-cream cookies

Quote of the day "I love Pocky sticks, it is so DELICIOUS!" said Mia

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