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NZ Girls try Thai Candy | Munch Monday

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

This is truly adorable! Two really cute girls from New Zealand have something to share us today with their exchange package of Thai candies. Very well selection as these milk tablets, my mint, sugus and tamarind candies are proven to be our local favorites of all time. Check out more Thai snacks in our online store with free worldwide shipping today. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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Here's some nice sharing from Mia and Halle:

  • Milk tablet (chocolate) - Smells like chocolate and taste like milk (score: 5/5)

  • Milk tablet (sweetened) - Taste like sweet milk like coming from a bottle (score: 3/5)

  • My Mint - Looks like a toffee candy in a gum package, taste like a milky gum mint (a lot of mint) ... quite nice (score: 4/5)

  • Sugus (blackcurrant) - Looks like grape, very chewy, taste like real fruit, (score: 4/5)

  • Tamarind (honey) - It's surprisingly delicious with that spicy despite its labeled as honey (score: 5/5)

My Mint - Chewy Candy Mint

Sugus - Chewy Candy Assorted

It's Fruity! It's Yummy!

Quote of the day "The candyman makes the world taste good, the world taste GOOD!" said Mia and Halle

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