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Know the Manufacturer Ep.2 | Chao Sua

Chao Sua brand is the famous snacks souvenir producer from Nakorn Ratchasima (i.e. old city name is Korat) province in Northeast of Thailand under Tia Ngee Hiang Co., Ltd.

Lotus brand is one of the popular biscuit snacks in Thailand

Since 1958, Tia Ngee Hiang was established by Mr.Perm Morin from a grocery trader in Bangkok to Nakorn Ratchasima province a.k.a. "The gate to Northeast" and the home of pig farming. Hence, he started producing various pork reformed products including pork floss, crispy pork and many more to both wholesales and retails.

In 1973, the first Tia Ngee Hiang snacks souvenir outlet was officially established in Nakorn Ratchasimaunder slogan "Tia Ngee Hiang is the best souvenir from Korat with taste and pride"

In 1998, Tia Ngee Hiang has introduced its first rice crackers a.k.a. "Khao Tung" (means "Rice of Wealth" in Thai) and change its brand to "Chao Sua" (means "The Millionaire" in Thai) ever since with continuous expansion of branches in other province and export to other countries

Today, Chao Sua has more than 50 branches in Thailand and also available in many superstores with its signature rice crackers, pork floss and crispy pork which is obviously the local leading brand for more 50 years.

Chao Sua factory is located over 10 acres land at the main road as the gate to Northeast of Thailand and currently producing more than 200 products with 200+ employees and production capacity over 40 metric tons per month. Current sales proportion is dominated 80% in domestic and remaining 20% in exports. Operating 7:00-20:00 hrs everyday.

Chao Sua - Rice Cracker Pork Floss

Signature Souvenir of Wealth

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