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British Girl Trying Thai Candy | Ebony Day

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

It's Friday and it's another Ebony Day! She's back from Thailand and she's got tons of Thai Candies for you. Watch a review of various flavours .. Jelly, Jolly, hard candies (ooh! don't chew this at home). Find more Thai candies and jolly in our store now available online with free worldwide shipping (cool! how'd you do that!). Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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Here's some nice sharing from Ebony Day:

  • Plum Candy - Not much to say really, take that! [ThaiSnackOnline said: please don't chew this at home, or chew? or not? or what? hahaha .. whatever :D]

  • Ole Candy (strawberry) - Taste like a rose flavour and it can taste a lot on your lips

  • Honey Lemon Candy - I don't hate it ... ooh I hate it now <('o' ).. ..( ._.)>

  • Jolly Bear - Orange, grape, apple, strawberry & pineapple flavours .. the green ones good! and the package is so small like you'll never gonna get fat on these

  • Biscuits filled with Chocolate - Yeah! they got magnet .. and they got little boy in here

  • Gummy Jelly - A strong grapy smell .. um, not the most favorite thing I got in my mouth

  • Strawberry Lollipop - A bit thick and it taste like ..... .. . heaven!

Jolly Bear - Jelly Assorted (55g)

Jolly Bear - Jelly Assorted

The green ones are so good, Victor!

Quote of the day "I will call him, Victor!" said Ebony Day

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