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Thai Snacks: Snack Ads! | Two and a Half Asians

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Having fun with Thai snacks, giving scores and take them into action in "Snack Ads"! Presented by these 3 cool Two and a Half Asian guys featuring fruits and chips. Awesome! (what awesome? watch it!) Check out more cool Thai snacks now available online with free worldwide shipping in our store. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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  • Dried Banana - Chewy but doesn't taste anything compares to its smell (score: 2.3/10)

  • Snack Jack - Taste like something from eBay ... hahaha (score: 2.5/10)

  • Durian Paste - Made from durian, sugar and water (done!) .. SMELL! Yuck! but the taste isn't that bad, just the smell of durian (score: 1/10)

  • Popcorn (nori teriyaki) - That's not bad, so sweet, salty and seaweed (score: 4.5/10)

  • Euro Cake (strawberry) - It's soft in its pack, smells good like a strawberry rich with honey, like a one-bite snack and quite delicious (score: 7.5/10)

  • Wafers (milk) - Like a kids-size Kit Kat but all covered with white chocolate, taste like most generic Asian wafers and not really much flavour in it (score: 7.25/10)

  • Corn Puff - Looks like chicken nuggets, natural corn chips, non-fried, taste so good like Twisties and Cheetah mixed together but bigger ... Finger Lickin' Good! (score: 8.5/10)

  • Mango Chips - Really crispy, really sweet, too sweet too powerful, so much flavour in one bite (score: 4/10)

Corn Puff - Corn (72g)

Corn Puff - Corn

Natural corn chips, non-fried (8.5/10 man!)

Quote of the day "Finger Lickin' Good! You should stick to these!" said Two and a Half Asians

Quote#2 "I've never tried these" said Tom (a.k.a. 1940's voice)

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