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We solemnly try Snacks from Thailand | The Mischief Managers

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Another honest review from The Mischief Managers. Various selections from fruits, seafood snacks, nuts and candies. Great to hear, much sharing. Well, there are more new variety of Thai snacks to try and now available online with free worldwide shipping in our store. Check it out! and Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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Here's some nice sharing from The Mischief Managers:

  • Dried Lemon with Chilli - Very spicy, strong saltiness which is a bit weird, also sweet and sour

  • Koh Kae (coconut) - Smells like salty beans and you can feel the coconut right up to your nose when you swallow it. And they're good. It's peanuts.

  • Taro Fish (low fat) - Smells really fishy though it really doesn't taste that much at first then turns really fishy after a few chew

  • Taro Fish (seaweed) - Smells like aquarium :) quite difficult to chew, might be better on rice, like a fish and seaweed (yeah :) what to expect)

  • Aromouth - Definite strong taste .. liquorice? peppermint? [ThaiSnackOnline said : well, someone do like it but must try with small amount at a time though we're not much like that either :)]

  • Jackfruit Chips - Super strong smell of dried fruits though it doesn't taste like anything, somehow like dried bananas, not really recommend if you're not used to dried fruits

  • Dried Squid (original) - It's nice and a bit spicy

  • Dried Squid (sweet & spicy) - Very spicy, very hot .. all around your throat and your tongue

  • Dried Squid (Thai herb & spice) - Almost as spice as the other ones .. so sweating

  • Cougar Candy (yogurt) - Taste like heaven, taste like gum, so nice for the start but not too long, also a bit sour like yogurt

Koh Kae - Nuts Coconut Cream (85g)

Koh Kae - Nuts Coconut Cream

They're peanuts and they're good!

Quote of the day "Where are my NUTS?!" said The Mischief Managers

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