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Kids try Thai Snacks for the 1st time | Duan & Jessica

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

So much fun! A really good review covering variety of snacks from seafood snacks, fruits, nuts, jollies and drinks. There are many more "so good" Thai snacks to find out and now available online with free worldwide shipping in our store. Check it out! Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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Here's some nice sharing from Duan & Jessica:

  • Lay's (Namtok Hotpot) - :\ :/ :X .. (already expired ... kinda sad .. well, next time)

  • Fish Chips - Smells like shrimp, taste really good and super fishy

  • Durian Chips - Looks like thin & crispy chips, taste like durian or butter popcorn (-_-?)

  • Shredded Seasoned Cuttlefish - Definitely smells like cuttlefish, gonna be spicy, so chewy, never chews down (haha) ... love it

  • Salted Mango - Looks like a white old dead worm (-_-") hahaha ... so salty

  • Fish Snack filled with Black Sesame - (censored) don't try this at home .. hehe

  • Coated Nuts (shrimp) - These are so good! Yeah, These are so good! [ok, repeat these 9 more times :)] OMG!

  • Crispy Baby Clams - Very strong taste and better to starts only one or two

  • Jollies (wild berries) - Sour and simply delicious

  • Pocky (mango) - So good, so so good [repeat these 3 times .. :D]

  • Kit Kat (greeen tea) - A lot of Matcha .. love it

  • Green Tea Drink (lychee) - Smells good

  • Beauty Drink (collaskin) - Not bad but ...

Koh Kae - Nuts Shrimp (80g)

Koh Kae - Nuts Shrimp

Yeah! These are really really good!

Quote of the day "These are so good! [x 9 times :)]" said Duan

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