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Tasting Instant Noodles Around ASIA | Joinourpartyy

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Let's have some test taste tour around the Asia. 4 flavours from 3 countries with Joinourpartyy guys. Funny and fruitful. Find more Thai instant noodle favorites online with free worldwide shipping in our store. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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  • Waiwai (oriental style) - Kindly salty like cold buckwheat noodle with soy sauce, noodle is quite chewy different from other noodles

  • Mama (shrimp creamy tom yum) - Smell and color exactly represent the famous Tom Yum flavour, taste like lemon so strong sour then turns milky, love it!

  • Hao Hao (vietnamese noodle) - Love the noodle but you may need to hold your nose when tasting the soup and sour a bit in the end, not bad

  • Indomie (indonesian noodle) - Smells like oriental medicine and strong spice, taste salty

Mama - Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum (55g)

Mama - Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum

Strong lemon taste turns milky

Quote of the day "I know this smell and color is exaclty Tom Yum that I've tried before" said Joinourpartyy guy

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