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Americans try Thai Snacks 2 | BuzzFeed

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Back again with all fishy things reviewed by BuzzFeed. Full of fun with an honest comments as always. Find out more millions of Thai snacks flavours available online with free worldwide shipping in our store. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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Here's what we've learned from these cool BuzzFeeD staffers:

  • Fish Chips - Very strong fishy smell, sweet and ... fishy

  • Taro Crispy (fish snacks spicy flavour) - Looks like dried fishy tortilla chips with a taste like fish meat into chips

  • Rice Ball Cuttlefish - Yep! Taste like corn pops with cuttlefish flavour ... really really good

  • Potato Chips (scallops with garlic butter) - Clear scallops and buttery texture mixed into a chip form and you'll got that taste like "hmm, whatever"

  • Crispy Rice Noodle - A rice crispy treat in a block shape, good texture, like a Chinese fish and I just want to keep eating more ... great with dinner too :)

Carada - Rice Ball Cuttlefish

Carada - Rice Ball Cuttlefish

It tastes like corn pops .. really good

Quote of the day "Thumbs up! Thai food" said BuzzFeed staffer

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