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Koreans try Thai Snacks | KoreanStarTV

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Korean Star TV presents Koreans Try Thai Snacks. Let's hear what Korean stars say about these five unique Thai snacks (i.e. nuggets, chips, crispy seaweed and squid). Challenging! Check out more Thai Snacks in our store. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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To all Snackers, here's what our Korean friends say about Thai Snacks:

  • Corn Nuggets - Looks like they transformed a meal into snacks. Taste like anchovy and Cheetos (remember mr.cheetah with sunglasses?). Definitely better with Beer. Cheers!

  • Party (mixed berries) - Smells very sweet and Yummy, Yammy, Yummy

  • Lay's (oven baked) - Very light smell and taste simply a baked potato. Easy to eat.

  • Crispy Seaweed (BBQ) - It'll be great to eat witha bowl of rice (or beer). Grannies gonna love this!

  • Bento (sweet & spicy) - Nice smell of squid similar to grilled fish. Turns out Spicy but once you start, it's too hard to stop. Should become best seller in Korea.

Bento - Sweet & Spicy

Bento - Sweet & Spicy

Crispy, Squidy, Spicy

Quote of the day "Definitely better with Beer!" said KoreanStarTV

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