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Trying Thai Snacks | Charis & Daryll

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Let's try some Thai Snacks with Charis & Daryll. Various chips, biscuit sticks, popcorns and crispy seaweed flavours with shiny and attractive packages. Love it! Feel free to check out more Thai Snacks in our store. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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Here're some nice thoughts from Charis and Daryll:

  • Potato Chips (color max) - Really turns your tongue to colors ... it's true

  • Potato Chips (roasted chicken) - Comes with Thai chilli sauce (impressive!) and a rooster-shaped chips

  • Lay's (miang kham) - Spicy - Lime -Prawn :)? Quite refreshing [ThaiSnackOnline said: check out more about Miang kham flavour here, myfriend :]

  • Wafers (cheese) - Cheese (end)

  • Matcha Choco Cone - Powdery from the first time you bite it before it turns to a chocolate tea texture (optional taste : lipsticks ;P)

  • Pretz (carbonara) - Cheese .. again :^\ (end)

  • Pretz (tom yum kung) - It's a definite Tom Yum taste!

  • Pocky (choco banana) - Coated with banana flavour aka light sabre :) and it really taste like banana ooh ....banana

  • Pocky (blueberry) - A blueberry yogurt on a stick and very fruity

  • Crispy Seaweed Roll (squid) - Smell like squid, spicy, crispy which will stuck right up your nose

  • Popcorn (BBQ) - Let's smell the smoke of Bar-Be-Cue .. a very interesting popcorn to try

  • Popcorn (grilled BBQ ribs) - Just simply salty (>_<')

Kai Yang - Grilled Chicken

Kai Yang - Grilled Chicken

with free sweet chilli sauce in a pack

Quote of the day "Does yours come with a dipping sauce? Exactly!" said Charis

Replied "But mine comes with all Spices ..." said Daryll

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