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Indonesian React to Thailand Snacks | I am Varsity

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Special for Indonesian snacks fans. Nice candid video of Indonesian students react to Thai Snacks from 'IAM VARSITY' channel. Most snacks are the same kinds of what are existed in Thailand with some development to suit with local favorites. Check out more original Thai Snacks in our store. Keep Spice, Keep Snacking!

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Here's what we've learned from these nice reactions from Indonesion students:

  • Durian Chips - Definite strong durian taste, sweet and highly recommended for you to get familiar with durian smell before trying this to maximize your good memorable experience, not the opposite <-->

  • Pretz Larb - Like an onion, salty, crunchy and definitely delicious as we hope Fitriyani did finish her stick ;P [ThaiSnackOnline said: actually 'Pretz' is a Japanese brand from the same owner as Glico, my friend :) but this one is made for Thai popular flavour]

  • Taro Chips - Taste of taro with flat smell & white colour look, not so sweet ... let's give a wide range of ratings from 5 to 9 out of 10, your choice is the best

  • Rice crackers (not Doriyaki, my friend) - Start with chilli smell, spicy and salty somehow similar to Indonesian snacks 'Kemplang' (Palembang snack) ... feel free to give it a bite when you think of your ex- .... hehehe

  • Fried Anchovy - Super strong smell like fishy, taste very strong like fishy, no salty but who knows ... you may like it (at least it got 2 votes for the best out of 5 ... wow)

Pretz - Larb

Pretz - Larb

Pretzzzzzzz ... but delicious la

Quote of the day "It's written as Spicy but NOT spicy coz my face is more Spicy! xoxo!" said Hana

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