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Americans try Thai Snacks | BuzzFeed

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hahaha ... Love it bros. Short, concise, funny, inspiring and cool! From a traditional Thai Snacks like Krob Kem or Curry Puffs to more commonly famous snacks like Peanuts and Shrimp Chips which you may hope that there are more thousands of these :). We love you too much - so much - very much BuzzFeeD!

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Here's what we've learned from these cool BuzzFeeD staffers:

  • Krob Kem - Shiny, fries, crunchies like a wanton with sweet & sour sauce riches with seasoning .. it may confuses you and may not be your type or just simply fall in love with it

  • Curry Puffs - Wonder what's inside :)? A Thai Samosa? [ThaiSnackOnline said: there are secret Thai tastes inside and we do love them very much :)]

  • Sesame Peanuts - That is SUPER GOOD, sweet, nutty, simply peanuts but let's add more stuff to it ... they should serve more of these at every bars

  • Shrimp Chips - I wish there are more shrimp in these :) .. and it taste like shrimp ... and I'm going to take all of these (oops!)

  • Euro Strawberry Cake - A Hello Kitty Sweety and I wanna Eat it too with an artificial strawberry smell like a shortcake strawberry from an ice-cream bar ... well, your call

Manora - Shrimp

Manora - Shrimp

Is this made out of shrimp? Yes!

Quote of the day "I could have eat thousands of these" said BuzzFeed staffer

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