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Discover PADTHAI in 2 Mins

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

It's the famous "Pad Thai" or "Thai-style fried noodles" and all about it in 2 minutes!

It's easy to cook and healthy for everyone and every nationality. Noodles are made from rice same as crispy rice and chips which have been named as "Chan noodles" after Chantaburi province in the East of Thailand where they have been deliciously made as same as where you could find great durian fruits.

Hanami - Prawn

Hanami - Prawn

An original taste of prawns

Bean sprouts as part of the ingredients are also fundamental plantation where every Thai students learn in their elementary school as well as other Thai classival dances. While Pad Thai sauce is a great mixture of tamarind where it has been grown in fertile soils of Phetchabun province in the North of Thailand. Finally, its completion are dried shrimps from the South of Thailand and fried tofus with eggs from the heart of Bangkok. It can be served either on a simple plate or a traditional banana leaf. It's availble every from the streets up to five stars hotels in many Thai restuarants around the world. Discover Amazing Thailand today and visit us at Thai Snack Online for updates about the latest Thai tastes available in the form of ready-to-eat snacks to be delivered with free worldwide shipping at your doorstep. Stay tune.

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