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Thailand Snack Time | Susie & Charlie

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

A very lovely review of Thai Snacks by Susie and Charlie. More about dried fruits, chips and seafood snacks though that's quite a new experience, right :)

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Here's what we've learned from Susie and Charlie:

  • Tamarind Candy - A sweet juicy candy with a surprise spicy from the inside

  • Shrimp Chips (tom yum) - Light and crispy and it's the famous Tom Yum!

  • Spicy Dried Anchovy - Smell of anchovy with dried red chilli and it's really HOT ... yeah :)

  • Coconut Pandan Bread - Good soft taste well let's give it 5 out of 10

  • Jackfruit Chips - It's crispy with a taste a bit like mangoes .. try it

  • Biscuit Sticks (matcha) - Sweet, crispy comes with matcha says 7 out of 10

  • Taro (fish snacks) with Spicy flavour - Like a string made by fish though it's tasty somehow similar to dried squid if you tried it before

  • Bento (dried squid) with Thai Herb & Spice flavour - Obvious strong squiddy smell starts with a sweet taste then POW! Spice!

  • Seaweed Sticks - Taste like garlic parmesan french fries but it's a seaweed .. well, let's say 9 out of 10

  • Dried Durian Chips - Powerful smell which makes most people not even give it a try but once you acquired the taste then you'll join the club of durian-addicted (ThaiSnackOnline said: yes, we did too ... haha but you may want to try a different brand my friend)

Taro - Spicy

Taro - Spicy

Try this, you may like it

Quote of the day "If you think you know spice, Go to Thailand! yeah ... Go to Thailand :)" said Charlie

And "Khob Khun Krub/Ka" (that's "Thank you" in Thai) said

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