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Trying out snacks from Thailand pt.1 | IreviewUread

Welcome to IrevewUread as today we're going to review a snack box from the land of smile. Yes, it's a snack box from Thailand :) Can't deny that when we go to Thailand, we always look for good and cheap snacks and that's where offers for you with variety of snacks, instant beverages, canned food and instant noodles such as salted egg and Tom Yum flavors. Exclusively free worldwide shipping now from Thailand right to your doorstep so check it out and your snacks will never be the same :)

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And with that, it's time to try those snacks!

  • Lay's (salted egg): Crispy and crunchy. You can definitely taste the salted egg in these chips which are evenly coated and then you taste that strong nice smell of salted egg. It's so crunchy and so nice. Definitely would recommend especially for salted egg lovers and potato chip lovers. Let's face it! Potato chips can never fail you :)

  • Sea Snack (crispy real crab): 55% made from real crabs mix with dry herb and seasonings. Keep the product in a dry place without being exposed to sunlight and close the bag tightly to prevent air from entering for crisp delicious like opening a new envelope everytime. There's a resealable bag on top so you can reseal it and not having to eat the whole thing in one shot. Inside you can see the whole crab and it's totally seasoned like a meaty crab. You can eat the whole thing and smells very savory. As it said Tom Yum, it tastes like sour and a bit spicy but it's definitely cooked like Tom Yum seasoning and it's nice. It's crunchy and not really soft inside. You can feel it's a different texture other than crunch than the crunchy shell outside. This is amazing. Yes, yes, YES!

  • Arigato (cuttlefish crackers): There's a very strong fried food smell when you open the package. It's definitely above expectation as from the photo, it looks like very hard texture but not really but crunchy with the hint of sweetness and it's some spice to be. If you're a cuttlefish fans, you'll love it. There's a lot of sauce, some sort of sweet sauce that tastes like hiding the strong salty smell of cuttlefish so it's really really savory and nice .. and sweet.

  • Collon (banoffee): Exclusive flavor only in Thailand. An amazing package which the box acts like a holder so you don't need to put it on your plate or something. The banana and coffee smell instantly hits your nose when you open the package. The taste is actually quite strong like if it's more towards coffee if you're coffee lovers and then there's a subtle hint of banana cream kind like mash and mix into it. When you bite and open the biscuit, it's kind of creamy and you can feel the cream disperse around your mouth. This is really really good, banana and coffee. Such an innovative texture and flavor and taste.

  • TenTen (crispy salmon skin wasabi): Looks very adventurous and very cute packaging. It has omega-3 calcium, does not have any preservative and has no transfat. Crispy salmon skin is quite popular in Singapore with many companies popping up but wasabi flavored one is quite new and interesting. It doesn't have a really strong wasabi smell and that's kind of comforting in a way. But then it's very strong wasabi after the first bite. The moment you bite, you can feel like a hint and a thing of wasabi taste touches your lips that you can fill those up with this but mostly you'll feel the cracker. There's also the smell from the salmon which is all mixed inside. You can definitely taste wasabi but it's not as heavy as you want it to be especially if you are wasabi lovers that need very strong kick to the stomach then this is not that kind. It's crunchy and it's subtle of wasabi and it's good for salmon skin lovers.

  • Lay's (cheeseburger): This is potato chip with a zig-zag kind of texture. Cheeseburger flavor sounds weird. Officially called "Lay's rock potato chips cheeseburger flavor". It's a wave of flavors started with tomato then barbecue sauce then the flavor is so strong. Every bite gives you a different taste. It's a very adventurous potato chips and exotic. If you're already so bored with barbecue flavor and sour cream with egg then try this out! Cheeseburger! and your snacks will never be the same.

Quote of the day "This one really hits the correct taste buds" said Shi Hui

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