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International try Thai Snacks - Part 3 | Lalita Tube

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

And this is the last episode of Thai snacks taste test with Lalita and friends. Lalita went to an Asian market and bought a bunch of snacks. Some brands are quite familiar for many of Thai snackers while some are new and quite interesting to try. Check them out in our online store as we now serve every Thai snacks with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep, hassle-free :D

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And here's our our final international taste test with Lalita and friends:

  • Euro Puff Cake (pandan) - Well, that was good! Really good!

  • Biscuit Stick (chicken spicy) - Smells like barbecue biscuits. Still taste like pizza :)

Lotus - Biscuit Stick Chicken Spicy

Lotus - Biscuit Stick Chicken Spicy

It's not a worm, It's biscuit sticks!

Quote of the day "We really eat this a lot when we were young" said Lalita from TH

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