DIY Snacks | Spicy Pork Sandwich

What a lovely Saturday morning to start. Today, we'll introduce you an easy DIY Thai-style sandwich with pork floss and Thai roasted chilli paste. Definite spicy, salty and sweet in a single bite. Come, we have all the ingredients you need in our store. Try it yourself.


  • Roasted chilli paste : 1-2 teaspoon per sandwich [get it here]

  • Pork floss : 1 pack per sandwich [get it here]

  • (alternative) simply replace pork floss with one of our seafood choices [get it here]

  • Bread of your choice from nearby grocery store : 2 slices

Cooking steps

  1. Place one slice of bread on a clean plate

  2. Spread the chilli paste all over the bread (recommend using only one teaspoon if you're not yet familiar with Thai chilli paste and its strong taste

  3. Spread pork floss on top of chilli paste all over the bread (the more you put it in, the more you'll love it ;))

  4. Cover up with another bread slice ... boom! ready to serve :)

  5. Alternately, you can select one of our finest seafood snacks to use instead of pork floss for your unlimited creativity

  6. Well ... now try your DIY sandwich which we guarantee you'll never taste this anywhere else before ;)

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