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Smile Thailand Ep.2 | 5 places you missed in Phuket

Many tourists have known "Phuket" as the heavenly island with 100% preserved nature but full of entertaining attractions. Still there are more hidden treasures on this island to be found and here are 5 places you may have missed in Phuket.

To ease your travel, we will start our journey from Phuket international airport and drive all the way to those hidden destinations. There are several car rental providers at the airport though we highly recommend to reserve in advance especially during high season. Here's some car rental service we recommend with reasonable price:

Koh Kae - Salted & Roasted Cashew Nuts

Koh Kae - Salted & Roasted Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are No.1 souvenir in Phuket

Okay, guess we have all the things we need now grab your bags. put on your sunglasses, turn on your GPS, click "view full directions" to get google directions and off we go!

1. Freedom beach (view full directions)

A small hidden beach between the cliffs of Patong and Karon which makes it hard to be noticed but still preserve its full nature like a virgin to be discovered. Only 1-hour drive from Phuket international airport on the west side of the island through route 402 down to Freedom beach. After parking at the entrance and pay the access fee (200 THB per person) then it's time for a walk down the stairs around 200 steps alongside with various kinds of tree to be discovered and beautiful photos to be taken until we finally reach our blue sea-sand-sun-sky lalala. Discover it yourself.

Alternatively, you can also hire a long-tail boat from another beach to here as well (cost 500-1,000 THB per trip based on availability)

2. Khao Rang hill (view full directions)

Khao Rung hill is another view point you shouldn't miss located in the northwest of the city and only 1-hour drive from Phuket international airport on the east side of the island. You can view all over Phuket city from here either daylight with suns and clear sky or night time with all the lights around the city. There's also fitness park, coffee shops and memorials around for you to take time relaxing and enjoy the moment. Opens during 11:00-23:00 hrs though the best time though we recommend is to have a perfect dinner with sunset view until early night to get the best out.

3. Big Buddha (view full directions)

Phuket Big Buddha (a.k.a. Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Akenakiri or Ming Mongkol Buddha) is located on Nak Kerd hill around 20-minutes drive from the city. You can also see the view all over Phuket island from here. This place is built to be the symbol of peace, unity and hope of people living in Thailand both locals and foreigners with the size of 25.45 sq.m. and the height of 45 m. made from white jade around 135 tons. See for yourself.

4. Bang Pae waterfall (view full directions)

Only 25-minutes drive from Phuket international airport via route 4027 to the east side of the island. Bang Pae waterfall is located in Phuket national arboretum area to preserve gibbons which are raised in elsewhere to be able to get back to their true nature. There are several streams and small waterfalls covered by large trees all the year for you to relax and refresh your day.

5. Koh Kaew Phuket (view full directions)

To the far south of Phuket island lies a hidden treasure island called "Koh Kaew" (means the glass island). Around 1.5-hours drive from Phuket international airport all the way south to Rawai beach then hire the long-tail boat around 700-800 THB per trip to Koh Kaew island lies a footprint of the great lord Buddha for over 2,500 years ago. You may also see this island from the south view of Phromthep Cape around 3 km. away. In the front beach, you can see the Big Buddha since you arrived. It's a sacred place which many people in Phuket spends time to pay respect there at least once a year.

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