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Smile Thailand Ep.1 | Bangkok River 1-Day Trip

A practical guide that will provide a day trip around Thailand to ease your plan for the next vacation. Specially for people who have limited time to travel around Bangkok and get enough of shopping in department stores or hanging around sky train route, we'd love to present a new travel experience which we can easily go by ourselves. And yes, we're talking about "Bangkok (or Chao Phraya) River 1-Day Trip".

Bangkok River 1-day trip

Of course, this is not just having a dinner on a cruise along the river or just dropping by at the temple. We're talking about a complete sightseeing, eating, shopping, floating, walking, running, sitting, sleeping (etc.) that would overwhelm us in one day.

**Warning** This guide involves a lot of travelling by foot and may consume a lot of energy. You may adjust the itinerary based on your preference. Outdoor equipment such as umbrella (for rainy season in July - October) or sun protection cream (for summer season in March - June) is highly recommended.

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Getting to know Chao Phraya Tourist Boat

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat starts from Sathorn Pier and will provide transit to several attractions along Chao Praya river (main river in Bangkok) until Phra Arthit Pier and come back. So we can simply hop on and off any specific location we're interested in and continue another one with the next boat.

Chao Phraya Bangkok River Map

And the time table (may be varied up to +/- 20 minutes)

Boat Time Table - Go

Boat Time Table - Return

Starting at Sathorn Pier (Central Pier)

We can initially get here by BTS sky train at Saphan Taksin station (S6) using exit 2.

BTS to Sathorn Pier

Then continue to buy a day trip ticket (150 THB per person) for Chao Phraya Tourist Boat at the booth by the pier which allows unlimited hop on and off for all boats with blue or orange flag. Each ticket comes with a very useful travel guide (English version available).

One day ticket boat

And here's example of one of tourist boats (may looks slightly different between each one).

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat

Once hop on the boat, the crew will come to ask for the ticket. We could simply show a day trip ticket which they will make a mark but still able to reuse it until end of the day. Simply enjoy the view along the river.

Chao Phraya River View

Si Phraya Pier (N3)

And here's the first pier we could hop off with a few places for sightseeing.

  • River City building with several souvenir shops and restaurants

  • Holy Rosary Church since 1786 (only 4 years after Bangkok city was established)

  • The First Bank of Thailand (Siam Commercial Bank) designed with European style

Tha Tien Pier (N8)

Visiting temples, paying respect and the original school of Thai massage.

  • Wat Pho temple also the Original School of Thai massage (open daily from 8:00 - 18:00 hrs)

  • Wat Arun temple

  • Tha Tien market with its famous souvenir made from dried fish

Maharaj Pier (N-Star)

Visit Bangkok landmarks such as grand palace, national museum and something for lunch

  • Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha temple

  • Maharaj walkway

  • National Museum

Phra Arthit Pier (N13)

Visit the old bunker and the famous Khao San road

  • Santi Chai Prakan and Phra Sumain Bunker

  • Rattanakosin Museum (may need to get there by taxi for 15-30 minutes open daily 11:00-20:00 hrs except Monday | more info :

  • Khao San road with several restaurants for evening and night life

Ratchawong Pier (N5)

The famous China Town where all possible foods and cheap souvenirs await

  • Leng Nei Yee temple (open daily 8:00-18:00 hrs)

  • Yaowarat (China Town) where you could find all possible foods you want for dinner

  • Pahurat (Textile market)

  • Sampeng (Souvenirs and gifts wholesale) though the place is very crowded so beware of pickpockets but everything is very very cheap where most traders find stuff for their stores

Bonus - Asiatique

For those who still have energy left and want to spend what's left after sunset. Take the last boat all the way to beyond where you started to Asiatique pier (open daily 16:40 - 23:59 hrs). A perfect place for luxury dinner, shopping, music, meeting friends, etc. More info :

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