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Thai Snack Online Box Taste Test | Cheeky Tam

Hi, everyone. Cheeky Tam is here and today we're going to look at another Thai snacks subscription box from Thai Snack Online. It's very big box and it's so excited to have a look at what's inside. You too can enjoy lots of Thailand snacks like these by visiting as there are hundred of snack food and drinks to shop around with free worldwide shipping all the way from Thailand to your home. Enjoy the every tastes of Thailand today with smile and friendship :)

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So much stuff in this box. Let's just dealt straight on it!

  • Taro Stick [get snack]: Taro isn't something that is really popular in Australia or even able to buy locally. Well, this excites me a lot. The texture looks like sticks or offcuts of some sorts of woodwork thing. Taro is a root vegetable <see wiki>. They're super crunchy and the flavor is really unique. It's not really salty but it tastes very rooty which is very tasty and just keep you coming back for more :D

  • Lay's (shrimp seafood) [get snack]: You can smell very seafoody as soon as you open it. The texture is quite beautiful chip cuts with green and orange tinges. It's a nice salty and crustacean sort of flavor. And then some SPICE! They got a nice level of salt there and I love that they're ruffled chips. It's a really unique unusual flavor like prawns and chips and a little but spicy. We definitely don't have anything like this around.

  • Love Farm (dried chilli lemon) [get snack]: It's actually slices of lemon that are well preserved and dried. I like a sour taste and it's also sweet but then it got chilli as well. It's very edible and interesting snack. The more I eat it, the more I like it. It's so unique, wow :D

  • Euro Cake (custard) [get snack]: They're individually wrapped. The texture inside is really light and spongy. Feels very soft. They got a very beautiful vanilla flavor in them and that beautiful vanilla custard. The texture is so good as the taste is nice and fresh unlike these pre-packaged cake that they're really stale but this one is like fresh from a little bakery. They also got pandan flavor which is really unique. Love it.

  • Koh-kae (sriracha chilli sauce coated green pea) [get snack]: The texture is good. They're nice and crunchy. And here's hello some HEAT. They've actually got a little bit of sweetness on the back of your palette though they're not overly hot. A nice little snack.

  • Sunsnack (barbecue sunflower seeds) [get snack]: It's got a nice savoriness to it and it got like a barbecue taste and some spice in there as well. They're very crunchy texture wise and good flavor wise. They're really nice and I'm a big fan of these ones. They also got a really nice smokiness of barbecue into it.

  • Kopiko (cappuccino) [get snack]: This is individually wrapped. The color looks very beautiful like cappuccino button thing and it's two-tone. Gorgeous :) It's a lovely milky coffee. A real authentic coffee with a little bit bitterness and sweetness and it's creamy.

  • Nesvita (cereal low fat drinks) [get snack]: Looks very oaty and milky. The smell is amazing like malt, malt and oats. Taste like a porridge though if you're porridge fans then this is really it.

  • Collon (strawberry) [get snack]: They smell beautiful like strawberry in it. There's a creamy strawberry filling. It tastes like strawberry ice cream inside a crispy vanilla wafer thing that's really crunchy on the outside. Lovely and soft texture in the middle part. Creamy and white chocolatey sort of stuff.

  • Okusno (shrimp chins tom yum) [get snack]: You can also eat this with rice, salad or noodles. They don't smell really strong but you can still smell lemongrass in it. And yeah, you're actually eating a bit of prawns. Real prawns. The taste is not really particular hot but you'll still feel like a dried crustacean and it's not that bad. The flavor of Tom Yum is in there.

  • Ole Candy (super sour strawberry lime) [get snack]: They said it's high vitamin C. And from the look and color inside, it's gonna be strawberry flavor. And ..... it's really sour ... and ... it's gonna turn sweet, Hmmm. It got a lovely strawberry flavor to it. For those who love sour candies, you'll love this. It's a nice little surprise in the middle like a sour powder inside it as well, wasn't that lovely :)

  • Chao Sua (squid rice cracker) [get snack]: The texture inside looks exactly like the cover. A big fluffy crackers, it's massive! It smells like squid. The taste is pretty good. It's savory and a little bit sweet as well and very very crunchy. There's a little spiciness as well. I really like this one.

  • Lay's (sweet basil) [get snack]: It has a little bit of chilli in them as well. They do taste more like Thai basil than normal straight basil and they've got the right amount of chilli, nice and salty. They're crinkle cut as you can see. I really like this flavor. It's really unique and something you can't get around here. Love it :)

  • Lotus (chicken biscuit sticks) [get snack]: They're all look like sticks. They taste like a dried sticky noodle thing mainly on the savory side but then there's a little bit of sweetness in there as well. They're very crunchy and that's good. The point is I can't really tell you what flavor they are as they're just salted fairly plain flavor but still very good.

Quote of the day "If anything's gonna make you feel like you've got split personalities then it's this :D" said Cheeky Tam


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