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Thai Salted Egg Flavored Snacks | Candid

Welcome to another video. Today, we're going to try some snacks that are salted egg flavour. Recently, there are a lot of these things in Thailand and you know how it sounds. For those who have heard about salted egg the first time, you might think that it's just like boiled egg with some salt on top but IT's NOT (see wikipedia). Now, salted egg flavour is available in many forms of snacks in Thailand that you can try. Simply check out as they're now offering free worldwide shipping to serve these snacks right to your doorstep so feel the taste by yourself and your snacks will never be the same.

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For those who never had salted egg in snack form, let's try:

  • Instant Noodle (stir fried salted egg) : You'll smell the aroma of salted duck egg, quite good though. The taste is a bit spicy and not so salty but overall is pretty tasty. You can also taste the egg a little bit. The noodle is also good as well. Spicy but good.

  • Lay's Chips (salted egg) : It smells good. The taste is like the sauce minus the spice and also a little bit sweet. You'll be able to feel the crunch.

  • Tempura Seaweed (salted egg) : Looks like fish skin. It's super crunchy and taste really good. You can taste the tempura though it's not much of the seaweed flavour itself. Not really much of the salted egg thing in this but overall is really good.

  • Salmon Skin (salted egg yolk sauce) : Very crispy. Taste very good but very spicy. You can taste the salted egg part of it and not necessary like the salmon fishiness.

Quote of the day "Can I have more of these next time?" said Joana

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