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Swiss kids try Thai Snacks | Ratchata

What will it be to let the kids try Thai snacks? No matter where you are, it's easy to enjoy Thai snacks today at as we deliver your favorite Thai snacks with our free worldwide shipping service in a box across the planet right to your doorstep. Free guarantee success delivery for every order then why wait?! Try it today and your snacks will never be the same :P

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And today, we'll try this!

  • Collon (strawberry) : Yummy! And this is all mine :P

  • Party (caramel chips) : It's crispy and taste good. It's five stars out of five. So good.

  • Taro (fish snacks) : Not really the type :(

  • Congee (plain) : It's yummy and good. Khao Tom ^^

Quote of the day "I'll rate this a thousand stars" said Gina

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