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Subscription box, Worth it? | Shwe & Isaiah

Hi guys! Welcome back and today we're going to do unboxing ThaiSnackOnline monthly subscription box. This is Aroi-Max box with 10-12 full-size snacks plus two premium snacks of your choice which is one of many subscription boxes such as Seasonal box featuring 6 dedicated premium snacks of each season, Mini-Smile box with 6-8 mini-size snacks of your preference and Sawasdee box with 8-10 full-size snacks plus one premium snack of your choice. Check out more details on our subscription page.

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Specially, these subscription box was sent directly from Thailand unlike other subscription boxes which may be based in the U.S. as you may note from the sender's address. There's a little note inside to us and a coupon code with a riddle. There are a bunch of snacks inside as described so without waiting further, let's check it out!

  • Pocky Yuzu [rating 9/10]: The bread stick is coated with Yuzu cream outside. The taste is really good with sweet and sour of lemon. Not too much sweet then finish with sour taste.

  • Pocky Surprise [9/10]: A very colorful confetti coated on the stick like sprinkles. The base tastes like milky vanilla flavor. Definitely vanilla but it's good.

  • Fashion Food Tomato Crackers [10/10 - order now]: This is not like a strong tomato taste. They'll turn from crispy to soft fluffy crackers once melt in your mouth. It's one of snacks from childhood. There also paprika flavor available. It's not spicy and also good.

  • Tasto Crab Curry Chips [10/10 - order now]: It's a basic chip-shape inside. You can get the curry flavor right away. Not really much of a crab flavor. The chip is thick and wavy.

  • Tivoli Wafer [8/10]: The package in pink color is so cute. A wafer was also coated in pink. It's a very rich strawberry flavor which is very good as well as its aftertaste. The first bite tastes creamy then a rich strawberry.

  • Lay's Popcorn Chips [11/10]: Is it a chip or popcorn? Yeah, it's a chip :) There are buttercream taste, caramel taste & cheddar cheese and they are all good tastes. The color coated is not different different so it's gonna hard to tell which taste you got.

  • Maenapa Taro Sticks [8/10 - order now]: It's a fun and different chip type. It's almost like french fries chips. If you are taro lovers, this is recommended.

  • Sunbites Strawberry Yoghurt Rice Crackers [10/10]: It's like a little fluffy rice crackers. Tastes exactly like strawberry yoghurt. It will be sweet at first then at the end of a little sour taste like a yoghurt. The texture is thin and airy made of wheat chips when you bite it like you bite nothing.

  • Hanami Chilli Prawn Crackers [10/10 - order now]: They are spicy like hot chilli flavor. It's good and I like it especially if you are seafood lovers.

Most of the stuffs are unable to find it here in the U.S. and this box is directly from Thailand so you will get the full experience of Asian authentic snacks. The price is not expensive at all. If you are a subscription type of person, this box price is compatible.

Quote of the day "There's also Lay's chips from Thailand with two different flavors in a bag. You won't know which one until you take a bite" said Shwe


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