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Know the Manufacturer Ep.25 | Manora

The very authentic shrimp crackers in Thailand known as "Manora". Manually mixed, cooked, solar dried, fried and packed with certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). With latest investment of $5 million US in automated production line to replace the old manual systems have significantly increased production efficiency and go-to-market capability. However, traditional ingredients and its original recipes with special touches and tastes are still very well preserved.

Pumpui | Smiling fish can

The factory is designed with closed-production system to ensure 100% cleanliness that guarantee quality of every single chip which makes "Manora" become popular until these days. Manora Food Industry co., ltd. has employed a system of Total Quality Management (TQM) to inspect every stages of the production process from selecting material to finished products. Applying hygiene concept that guarantee the production effectiveness and efficiency. The use of high nutrition value and natural herbal ingredients such as pepper and garlic is the brand's strength that differentiates from others in the market.

Manora Food Industry co., ltd. continuously develop and produce the product that meet markets requirement to maximize customer's satisfaction. Since the very first day, "Manora" has committed to serve all customers with integrity and reliability. The credibility earned in both domestic and overseas markets has contributed in market growth and expansion. The company also commits to be environmental friendly and become a green company to preserve the world for future generations.

"Manora" products have been known to the local and overseas markets for more than 42 years. From the first factory established in Songkhla since 1965 and expanded to the second factory in Bangkok since1976. The third and the most modernize snack factory was established with capital over Thai $6.5 million US inside Samutsakorn Industrial Estate since 1996. Manora Food Industry Co., Ltd. has achieved a number of local and international manufacturing and exporting standards and has been awarded with the following certificates:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (GMP) by Department of Fisheries

  • Food Manufacturing Certificate by Thai Food and Drug Administration

  • Halal Certificate by Sheikhul Islam office of Thailand

  • Thai Trademark Logo Certificate by Ministry of Commerce

  • The Gold Medal Award in 1976 National Agricultural Fair by Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives

  • The 1998 Prime Minister's Award in export category by Ministry of Commerce

  • Thailand Approval No. 3060 by Department of Fisheries

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certificate (HACCP) by Department of Fisheries

Nowadays, "Manora" has offered various kinds of chip into market such as shrimps, crabs, fish, pumpkins and taros with intense main ingredients featuring with Thai chilli paste in its pack to increase its spice. Order this Thai Snack Online authentic shrimp chips today with free worldwide shipping and special discounts for wholesalers. Try it once and your definition of chips will never be the same :P

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