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Thai Snacks Challenge!! [European Edition] | Kayavine

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Today, Kay was just back from Thailand to join his European friends with a big bag of Thai snacks!! Welcome to another day of revenge in Thai Snacks Challenge. YOU can also try one yourself now as we serve these snacks at with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. The only place you'll find all your favorite and your snacks will never be the same.

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Let the challenge begins!

  • Dried Logan : Looks like a grape with good smell. The taste is a bit weird but good.

  • Crispy Banana : Looks like rolled dried bacon. The taste is very good, I like it.

  • Crispy Fish Skin : Smells like Asian food. Very crispy and really really good taste.

  • Crispy Silkworm : The taste is like flower. But NOT PASS :(

  • Durian Paste : It's a really weird smell ... and ... ooooooooooohhh :D

Lay's - Potato Chips Miang Kam

Nacket - Banana Chips Homthong

Specially made for banana lovers

Quote of the day "I like it. Pass!" said Kayavine's friends

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