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Trending Thai Snacks in 2019

We're in middle of 2019 now. Many new snacks were emerged while some snacks were outdated. Which snacks are trending? Which flavour is coming up? Here's our summary just for you :)

Mala Chips

New FLAVOUR you can't miss : "Mala" is a Chinese language which means "numb and spicy". The flavour itself was invented in Sichuan, China many many years ago so long that no one can remember but has suddenly became popular in Thailand now in 2019! Mala flavour is a mixed of many herbs and spices including the one called "huā jiāo" which helps to release the pressure in your stomach, cure the cold and dizziness. It also helps to sustain your blood pressure and heart rate which is part of Chinese herb since the old time. Now all "Mala" flavours are transformed into crispy intense potato chips waiting for you to experience the numbest and spiciest opportunity in life. Three side dish flavours you can choose along as spicy soup, bbq or cheese. Very limited stocks available, try it now before it runs out!

Pejoy Thailand

New TEXTURE you'll be amazed : "Pejoy" is not just another creamy milky coated on a biscuit stick. On the other hand, it's a tube biscuit stick filled with variety of yums inside. Gently created by Glico, Pejoy comes with many flavours including classic biscuit stick filled with chocolate, cocoa cookie stick filled with vanilla milk and green tea (matcha) flavour. Very crunchy from the outside and mildly tasty from the inside. Can't ask for more :)

Purple Sweet Potato

New INGREDIENTS everyone is searching for : "Purple Sweet Potato" is one of the popular ingredients every manufacturers are searching for their new flavours in 2019 including "Dozo" with the new rice cracker purple sweet potato in corn cheese flavour. Crack and crisp from the first bite with aroma of corn and cheese til your nose. umm .

Fashion Food

New IN-STORE but old snacks you'd love : "Fashion Food" is as simple snack it looked on the package but the flavour is so intense and yum. Comes with 2 classic flavours of Tomato and Paprika and its strong tastes. A very old time snacks since childhood but still enjoyable til these days.

Taro - Sauce Coated

New DISCOVERY from the gulf of Thailand : "Taro - Sauce Coated" fish snack series is the latest invention of this legendary seafood snacks that everyone love. Adding mush more spice, sweet and sour to the original salty fish sticky snack will certainly makes all seafood lovers unstoppable. Just only a few bites to spice you up and keep chewing :)

Sugus upsize to 48 grams

New SIZE with the good old chewy you'd like : "Sugus upsize to 48 grams" your favorite chewy sticky candy of all time are now available in JUMBO size. Big joy with your good old flavours including orange, raspberry, apple and blackcurrant. Let the chew continues.

Lay's 2-in-1 grilled shrimp + seafood dipping sauce

New MIXTURE from the brand you know : "Lay's 2-in-1 grilled shrimp + seafood dipping sauce" is the latest invention of PepsiCo Thailand you can't find elsewhere in the world. Featuring the famous grilled giant shrimp from the Gulf of Thailand and local signature seafood dipping sauce will introduce you to your memory on the beach with spicy and sour now available to be serve right to your doorstep. Try this limited offer from the Lay's now or never!

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