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I ate nothing but THAI FOOD for 24 HOURS | ItsJosh

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Hi Guys! It's Josh and today we're going to bring you another video which you may probably notice already that Josh is going to eat nothing but Thai food for 24 hours! Josh has recently received a snack box from and we'll see if he can survive together with this box. Also, you can get your own box as well and if you don't know where to start, simply check our Subscription page and let us be your guide to deliver the best snack selection for you :)

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It's 12.30 now and It's time to start. Game on!

  • Dozo (corn cheese rice crackers) : Okay, let's get the breakfast done!

  • Manora (shrimp chips) : The smell is not that bad. The taste is okay. I think I could live with them. It's actually quite nice and it's the snack that could make me going for the day.

  • Mala Chips (cheese falvour) : The smell is nice a bit like Toritos but not the shape. They're not bad but they're spicy! They are very very spicy but they're nice.

Mala Hua-Ron - Potato Chips Cheese

Mala Hua-Ron - Potato Chips Cheese

It's nice but spice

Quote of the day "We're going to eat NOTHING but Thai food for 24 hours" said Josh

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