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Trying THAI SNACKS! Durian, cuttlefish and mangosteen! | Lukas Engström

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

It's the first time Lukas got a fan mail and it's a box full of snacks from :) Yes, it flew all the way from Thailand to Taiwan. If you're watching this, you can actually Subscribe to get this box regularly and it'll be shipped directly from Thailand straight to your doorstep. Just give it a try :P

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So it's time to open up and let's see what's inside!

  • Taro (fish sticks bbq flavour) : The snacks do smell more fish than actual fish. If you like fishy stuff, you're gonna check this out. It has a very very strong flavour of fish which is good if you like it but if you don't like the taste of it then you may not like it that much.

  • Carada (rice ball cuttlefish flavour) : Not sure where the quid flavour is but it's good. You can even eat this like cereal with milk.

  • Lay's (miangkam krobros flavour) : You can smell the Lime. It's like the same Line that you spread it all over when you eat a fish.

  • Crispy Mangosteen (original flavour) : The smell is a bit weird but the taste is definitely not bad. Kind like a little bit of sour plum or something.

  • Durian Chips (coconut flavour) : The smell is only like coconut and it also tastes ... like coconut :D

  • Pocky (choco banana flavour) : Pocky in general, amazing! Chocolate in general, amazing! Banana, amazing!

  • Kopiko Candy (coffeeshot flavour) : The coffee taste is very strong. So good!

Pocky - Biscuit Stick Choco Banana

Pocky - Biscuit Stick Choco Banana

The banana flavour is very strong

Quote of the day "I love sweets, I LOVE sweets! Definitely number one!" said Lukas

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