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Filipinos trying Thai Snacks | ARMYTV

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

What 's up, army? Today, we're back with another with another video full of Thai snacks and our special guests, teacher Janett and the little elephant. So let's get straight to it. If you want to have your own Thai snacks box like this, don't forget to check our online store as we now provide free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep no matter where you are. So .. let's yummy!

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Now, it's time to find out if these snacks are amazing, or what?

  • Crispy Seaweed (original) : um ...

  • Taro Fish (extreme spicy) : It's not that spicy though but I like it

  • Tenjung Fish Stick (bbq) : well .. I finished it all :)

  • Lotus Biscuit (hot & spicy) : The taste is sweet .. very sweet

  • Potae (original potato) : The taste is simply potato though .. okay

  • Hanami Prawn Chips (original) : hahaha :D

  • Cornae (original) : It's called American corn snack .. Anyway, it's good

  • Paprika (potato chips) : Well, we've already tried a lot of these so ..

  • Jax (another potato chips) : It comes with tomato sauce inside to dip the potato sticks

  • Sunbites Multigrain Chips (original) : hahaha :D

  • Mama Noodles (shrimp tom yum) : And instead of cooking it, there's another way to eat this just to crumble it and mixed all the seasoning inside then just try the crisps. Some people also simply put it on the rice to eat with.

  • Big Burger (assorted jelly) : It's quite chewy with several layers. I'll give it a nine!

Sunbites - Baked Multigrain Original

Sunbites - Baked Multigrain Original

hahaha :D

Quote of the day "I like this one, hah :D" said Teacher Janett

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