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Smile Thailand Ep.10 | Hidden Nature Trial in Krabi

Today in Krabi, we're going to take you to another hidden gem of Thailand called "Tha Pom Khlong Songnam" a.k.a. "The nature trial at the joint of the two canals". A place where the water is as clear as a polished emerald in the middle of nowhere. A place which is named after the elder "Pom" who discovered this place 130 years ago with an untold story of the living white crocodile who has protected this jungle for many centuries. Anyone who dares to make any harm to the nature shall bear its consequences. Local people has told their kids not to enter this trial unless necessary and never ever go into the water on Saturday and Tuesday (no one knows why though it also seems like no one dares to try).

Siam Park - Sea of Bangkok

On the other hand, this beliefs has preserved its nature for a long time where you can still see all the fish swimming in the water from above with your bare eyes. Especially during the high tide when both down water from Andaman sea and upper water from the hill becomes one so as all those livings through the tide. Nowadays, the government has preserved this area only for nature and tourist attractions through a 1.2 km. walking trial on a wooden bridge at the level of 2 m. above ground into the middle of the jungle unlike any adventure you've ever been.

To start our adventure, You can simply take a flight to Krabi international airport and find a car rental to drive there. It's located only 34 km. away from Krabi city which is closed to Ao Nang beach. Just follow the map here:

When arrived at Tha Pom Khlong Songnam, you can simply follow the sign and park in the middle of the Palm garden. Then walk straight to the entrance to buy the ticket (only 50 THB per adult, opens everyday during 08:00-17:00 hrs) at the start of the walking trial then the rest is all up to you to discover.

Kai Yang - Grilled Chicken

Okusno - Fried Shrimp Chins Original

Authentic Sea Bites

Few things that are strictly prohibited at Tha Pom Khlong Songnam:

  • Do not bring along any food during the walking trial

  • No alcoholic drinks

  • All trashes must be kept outside of the walking trial

  • Do not enter the water besides indicated swimming area

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