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DIY Snacks | Choco Crispy

You know the world's favorite choco snacks can be made by yourself in just 3 simple steps. Choose the ingredients you like, adding more grains and cereals you prefer, shape it in a cup or cut it as a bar as you wish. Come Come Do-it-Yourself!

DIY Snacks | Thai Coconut Pancake

Main Ingredients

  • Chocolate (coating) : 500 grams

  • Crispy Sticky Rice : 250 grams

  • Roasted Almond : 220 grams [get it here]

  • Roasted Macadamia : 350 grams

Cooking steps

  1. Put all chocolate coatings in a pot and heat (either by microwave or oven) until they're melted.

  2. Quickly pour melted chocolate into a bowl along with crispy sticky rice, almond and macadamia. Mix all ingredients into the same texture.

  3. Put them on a mold or shape that you prefer and freeze them in a fridge for 15-20 minutes until they become solid. ... Boom! your favorite Thai Snack Online is ready to be served :)

Suthera - Thai Coconut Roll Original

Beng-Beng - Wafer Caramel Crisp Chocolate

Even easier to just order it above!


  • It's more yummy to add more chunks of chocolate in the mixture :P

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