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Thai Snacks Online Review | Best Friends Since Birth

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

What's up, guys?! We're back with Lyric and Smalls and another product review video. Check out these snacks yourself which can't be found elsewhere but only in Thailand to be shipped out directly to your home. All packages are nice and tight full of colors. Definitely yummy!

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Alright, guys! So here we go:

  • Botan (mint ball mixed berry) - It smells super fruity. The package is quite easily to open and re-close which is made out of plastic. And once you put it in your mouth ..... Boom! It's really minty. Really hot!

  • Tasto (crab curry chips) - It smells like curry and it tastes really good. Delicious!

  • Carada (squid) - The smells is not much familiar somehow like Coco Puff (cereal) or cinnamon. And once you taste .... It's HOT! Get your water! Quite a surprise.

  • Chao Sua (pork floss crackers) - If you like pork rind, this is definitely going to be light and fluffy and you're going to love it.

  • Mae Napa (peanut chips) - It's super different in the US. It's super crunchy and it's not bad at all. The whole thing is made of peanuts.

  • Fruitastic (durian chips) - Smells like banana chips but it's not banana chips. Taste like potato chips though not much of a fruity taste.

  • Koh-kae peanuts (chicken flavour) - The taste is not bad at all. Like a peanut with good seasoning. Like fried chicken seasoning :)

  • Collon (chocolate biscuit roll) - Smells like toffee and caramel. Taste like nuttella :)

  • Mango Chips (honey caramel) - It tastes like green tea. I like it.

  • Sunsnack Dunk (sunflower seeds barbecue) - Smells like corn nuts. and they're hot! woooo hooo! But they're good. The barbecue is really delicious.

  • Mama (chicken green curry) - The packaging color is super bright. It smells really spicy like a ginger. It's really well seasoned even though it's spicy.

Sunsnack - Sunflower Kernel BBQ

Sunsnack - Sunflower Kernel BBQ

They're HOT!

Quote of the day "Woooo Hooo! they're good" said Lyric

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