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Smile Thailand Ep.9 | Train Night Market

Welcome all the hipsters from around the world to the famous Thailand's trendy night market. Shop and chill with various second-hand goodies including clothes, accessories and home decorations. Enjoy Thai eatery where you've never experienced before.

Siam Park - Sea of Bangkok

The train night market is designed under the concept of classic weekend market for collectible goods trading. The market was originated from collectible old cars and parts at Chatujuk weekend market and gradually become famous among collectible traders before they decided to moved to the new location at Srinakarin 51 street (behind Seacon Square department store) and become a famous destination for all hipsters from around the world as it is today.

You can simply travel to train night market either via taxi or driving with lots of available parking place. It is opened during 17:00 - 01:00 every Thursday to Sunday and here's the coordinates (13.692343, 100.649677 - click to view maps).

The Plaza Zone is just right in front of the market when you arrive. There are fashion clothes both first and second handed, shoes, bags, decorations, furniture and accessories along the aisle where you can stop and shop along the way. There are both indoor and outdoor sections along with beverages at each stop including coffee, thai tea, smoothies and soft drinks to be selected until you reach another side "the market zone".

Kai Yang - Grilled Chicken

Suthera - Thai Coconut Roll Original

Traditional Thai Rolls. hip hip

The Market Zone is an enormous wide-opened area with on-the-ground traders, musics, eatery and lifestyle products. Overall concept is similar to most weekend markets but you will definitely feel the sense of classical signature of the train night market itself.

Not only fashion clothes, furniture and eatery as mentioned, the highlight of train night market as same as its origin is collectible antique products which you may not find elsewhere. It's also the source where many collectible traders find their supply and sell out ten or hundred times of its cost to the outside market. So always keep your eyes open for the hidden treasure.

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