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Snack Gags Ep.68 | We Care

We pay attention to every customer's details :)

Snack Gags Ep.67 | Wanted

Fries: I wanna buy some snacks

Snack: hmm .. chips or biscuits?

Fries: chips please ..

Snack: fried or baked?

Fries: fried, of course

Snack: with palm oil, or rice-bran oil?

Fries: just.. palm oil is fine

Snack: curvy or flat shape?

Fries: curvy, curvy

Snack: big pack or small pack?

Fries: whatever pls, can I check out now?

Snack: by cash or credit card?

Fries: ...

Euro - Puff Cake Sweet Pandan

Euro - Puff Cake Sweet Pandan

Coz your snacks will never be the same ...

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