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Smile Thailand Ep.8 | Siam Square: Forever Shopping District

It's started 50 years ago. Many high-rise buildings have been crazily established in the middle of the capital city of Thailand especially around the area of the first university (as known as Chulalongkorn university) where all the teenagers use as their meeting point and hangout from generation to generation.

Siam Park - Sea of Bangkok

Including the very first 3 theaters in Thailand which two of them are still operated until today: Siam theater (since 1967 - 2010), Lido theater (since 1968 - present) and Scala theater (since 1970 - present)

In general, Siam Square is a place that combines all types of entertainment and modern shopping together such as music shops, electronics, restaurants, hotels, the very famous Thai snacks with all kinds of selection available, clothes, bags, shoes, bookstores, banks, education center, stationary and many more from low-tier price to world-class branded products.

Kai Yang - Grilled Chicken

Okusno - Fried Shrimp Chins Tom Yum

Taste Thailand | Taste Tom Yum Shrimp

Travelling to Siam Square is quite convenient with sky train (a.k.a. BTS) from all around Bangkok or even Suvarnabhumi international airport directly to Siam Square interchange station. It's not recommended to travel by taxi especially during rush hours as you will face the wrath of Bangkok traffic at the very center of the city .. unless you want to try it once :)

Siam Square can be separated into 3 major business area : MBK Center (via BTS exit no.2 and cross the road), Siam Center (including Siam Discovery, Siam Center and Siam Paragon via BTS exit no.1, 3, 5) and Siam Square open-air shopping district (via BTS exit no.2,4,6)

MBK Center (a.k.a. Mah-boon-krong) was founded in 1985 and it is the most famous marble shopping mall located in the heart of Bangkok with 8 stories high and 350 metres long with the total area of 140,000 square meters. MBK Center consists of over 150 restaurants and 2,500 shops selling everything that all tourists coming to Bangkok is looking for. With an average of 115,000 visitors per day including 35,000 tourists from all around the world, MBK Center is pretty well-known among local and tourist shoppers for availability of goods and their reasonable prices which is negotiable up to how well you can bargain :)

Siam Center, Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon are Thailand’s first shopping center and the heart of Thailand’s fast-forward fashion scene. Siam Center was established in 1973 revamped in 2013 with a revolutionary retail development concept of “Ideaopolis”. The shopping center serves as an arena of limitless imagination and creativity where art, fashion, technology and lifestyle converge.

Madame Tussands Bangkok

Also visit the first Southeast Asian “Madame Tussaud’s” waxwork museum at Siam Discovery lifestyle shopping center and enjoy dining at Siam Paragon with over 500,000 sq.m. shopping space including the world’s most celebrated brands and the largest underground aquarium in the middle of the city known as "Sea Life Ocean World".

Last but not least, Siam Square open-air shopping district is an open and low-rise shopping area in the heart of Bangkok that is incubator for Thai young designers and fashion center for all ages. It is also the cradle of entrepreneurs and start-ups of the latest product trends in Thailand.

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