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Thai Snacks Challenge | Kayavine

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Today Kay and his friends are going to take Thai Snacks Challenge! When our familiar Thai snacks meet our friends from afar, the fun begins :) Remember, if you're looking to take Thai Snacks Challenge by yourself, we have so much to offer at Thai Snack Online with free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. Dare to take one?

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Welcome Kay and Friends, Thai Snackers!:

  • Bento (larb) - I can't imagine what it is from the outside but definitely spicy as shown on the package. Hope it's good. Taste like Khao Soy (a Traditional Thai food in northern region). Beginning with sweet-sweet-sweet then SPICY!

  • Durian Paste - Smells like ramen? And the taste is ... he he he :D

  • Biscuit Stick Chicken - It looks like Pretzel. Taste like snacks but it's good.

  • Crispy Seaweed - It's really easy to eat and definitely tasty

  • Pretz (pad char seefood) - The package is nice. The taste is pretty good.

Pretz - Bread Stick Pad Char Seafood

Pretz - Bread Stick Pad Char Seafood

It's really good as you said

Quote of the day "Passed!" said Shu

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