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DIY Snacks | Durian in Coconut Milk

From the most popular fruit for summer in Thailand, Durian (a.k.a. King of Fruits) into the famous coconut milk and sticky rice .. well-blended with mild aroma .. hmmm you won't be able to stop once try ;P


  • Fresh durian : 2 kg

  • Concentrated coconut milk : 500 ml

  • Boiled water : 500 ml

  • Sugar : 0.5 cup

  • Salt : 1.5 cup

  • Coconut-palm sugar : 0.5 cup

  • (optional) Pandanus leaf : 3 leaves

Cooking steps

  1. Mix concentrated coconut milk, boiled water, sugar, salt, coconut-palm sugar and pandanus leaf together in a pot then lightly heat it up and stir

  2. Continue stirring for 5-10 minutes until coconut milk starts to get boiled then simply added fresh durian into the pot. Turn off the heat, close the lid and wait until it cools down.

  3. Boom! Your durian in coconut milk is now ready to serve with mild sticky rice to fulfill your summer snacks just like in Thailand :)

Fruit King - Dried Durian Monthong

Fruit King - Dried Durian Monthong

Taste authentic Thai fruits today

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