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Know the Manufacturer Ep.9 | Entrée

Entrée snack is a classic Traditional Thai recipe made from high protein pork and low fat meat specially for snacks lover since 2008. Entrée snack is manufactured under the management of Sor Konkhaen Food plc. with a strong vision to become world's leading Thai food manufacturer and gain impression to all stakeholders.

Sor Konkhaen plc. factory which produces all processed dry food was located in Nakhon Pathom province with production capacity of 800 tons per year. Only 100 km. west of Bangkok which is very convenient for its logistics route to the distribution center. Most ingredients are sourced from from local farms in Thailand with qualified standards from local authorities.

In 2016, the company was granted as Superbrand Thailand Choice award for the second consecutive year by Superbrands world organization with 3 qualifiers including brand quality, brand affinity and brand personality. Superbrands is a listing of the strongest brands originated in UK and currently being accepted over 93 countries around the world. It is being published annually since 1995 by an Expert Council and thousands of consumer surveys. Brands do not pay or apply to be considered.

Entrée - Crispy Pork BBQ

Entrée - Crispy Pork BBQ

Awarded Superbrand Thailand Choice 2016

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