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[Made in Thailand] Pretz Review | 3BAGtv

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Sawasdee krub. This is Eno and Moya and today we're going to dig deep to the very story of Pretz. Pretz is a snack brand which is operated since 1970 by Glico (the famous biscuit stick producer known as "Pocky"). Even though Pretz is available in many parts of the world but the taste do vary in each country. Especially for Thailand where they said there're million tastes of food. Check them out online now at Thai Snack Online as we provide free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. Taste them yourself and your snacks will never be the same.

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Enjoy the Pretz with Eno and Moya:

  • Pretz Fried [since 1977 a.k.a. 'forever classic hits'] - A familiar and savory taste. You'll never grow tired of it.

  • Pretz Pizza [since 1987 a.k.a. 'easy to eat & carry'] - Smells and taste exactly like pepperoni pizza. Good quality.

  • Pretz Larb [since 2000 a.k.a. 'your new favorite flavour'] - The flavour is originated from the famous dish of Thai northeastern provinces. Comes with a strong smell of Thai spices. A little bit salty with strong taste.

  • Pretz Corn [since 2004 a.k.a. 'charming sweet taste'] - Mild and sweet taste together. Like!

  • Pretz Tom Yum Kung [since unknown a.k.a. 'the famous flavour of all time'] - A very strong smell of Tom Yum and taste that will make you stand up and dance. hehe ..

Pretz - Biscuit Stick Tom Yum Kung

Pretz - Biscuit Stick Tom Yum Kung

Ooooh .. I gotta dance now

Quote of the day "I love Pretz" smiled by 3BAGtv

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