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Know the Manufacturer Ep.8 | Sunsnack

Sunsnack was initiated by the idea to recognize the hidden nutrition in sunflower kernels. Among all types of cereal grains, sunflower kernels claim to be the ultimate source of nutrition and energy. They are basically rich with Vitamin E than any other grains. Sunflower kernels also contain linoleic acid which helps reduce cholesterol level in blood. It is also packed with high natural protein, fibre, and a variety of essential minerals such as selenium, zinc, copper, folate, iron and many more. Sunflower kernels are simply a one-stop solution to give you almost every nutrients you need.

Sunsnack is one of quality products from T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries co., ltd. as known as a private company in Thailand which deals in beverage section with the great reputation of energy drink named "Red Bull". It was first established by Mr. Chaleo Yoovidhya in 1956 to import the medicine materials and products from Europe under the company name “T.C. Pharmaceutical Limited Partnership.”. After operating in medicine business for twenty years, he found that the energy products are quite interesting and has a growth potential in Thailand market even though they have an unfavorable taste like medicine. He then decided to develop the taste to be more admirable; therefore “T.C.Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd.” was found in 1978 to do a research and develop the product and later launched an energy drink so called "Kratingdaeng" or "Red Bull" (the literal translation of Kratingdeng in Thai) and Theoplex D syrup in 1981. Three years later, Kratingaeng entered in worldwide market with the name of Red Bull in carbonated format by Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz , an Austrian joint-venture. Until today, Kratingdaeng or Red Bull is available in more than 150 countries in the world.

T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries co., ltd. has its snack manufacturing unit located in industrial area in Prachinburi province (about 150 km. to the east of Bangkok) with over 2,500 thousand sq. m. property to focus only on producing snacks made from whole grains including sunflower kernels, nuts and beans. All products are then being distributed by its headquarter located in Bangkok which is the center of business in Thailand and logistics hub both domestics and exports.

Sunsnack - Sunflower Kernel Larb

Sunsnack - Sunflower Kernel Larb

Original taste of Thai full of nutrients

The company has a strong vision to to market and distribute foods and beverages that benefiting and satisfying the consumer needs with environmental and social responsibility. Strictly control in quality to meet with all safety laws and lifting up the living quality of both consumers and employees through the continuous development of quality system.

All Sunsnacks are now available at Thai Snack Online with free worldwide shipping right to serve at your doorstep. Simply try this healthy choice and your snacks will never be the same.

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