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Introduction to Amazing Taste of Thailand

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Introducing Chef David Thompson who has devoted his life to the cuisine of Thailand. He will make you getting to know Thailand better through the taste of Thai cuisine including Green curry chicken, Massamun curry, Tom yum goong and Som tam.

Chicken Green Curry

Also known as "Kang Khiew Whan Kai" made from fresh herbs which are easy to source in Thailand. Some even offers superb health benefits including lemon grass which helps relieve gas from the digestive system and garlic which lowers blood cholesterol. Many knows Green curry as a spicy hot dish that really represents Thai especially the quality one originally made from good coconut cream, fresh curry paste with chicken, Thai sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves. You can definitely smell the ingredients and that's the definitely reason you should try.

Nestea - Lemon Tea

Sealect - Tuna in Green Curry

A rich creamy dish for beginners

Som Tam [No.46 of world's 50 best foods (2011) by CNNgo]

Originally came from the local dish of E-san (North-eastern region of Thailand) made from the fruits that can be found everywhere called "Papaya". Papaya flesh is full of anti-oxidant, digestive aids and vitamins. Also, the sugar is naturally made from the flower of coconut Harvested, boiled and formed into a solid shape. Som tam is a healthy dish and perfectly fit for those weight watchers. Even better with sticky rice as a perfect lunch, perfect dinner, perfect supper and in fact a perfect meal.

Nestea - Lemon Tea

Pretz - Biscuit Stick Larb

A famous dish from the Northeast of Thailand

Massamun Curry [No.1 of world's 50 best foods (2011) by CNNgo]

Based on historical record, it was invented back since the Kingdom of Ayutthaya about 300 years ago. Massamun is a curry that reflects the country's rich and multicultural heritage. Made from various ingredients and an exotic flavours. No matter how many time it's served, there's always a pleasure from its taste.

Nestea - Lemon Tea

Maepranom - Roasted Chilli Paste

Made from authentic Thai ingredients

Tom Yum Goong [No.8 of world's 50 best foods (2011) by CNNgo]

A hot and sour prawn soup. A single menu that could wrap the world. Can be made from either ocean or river prawn for this savory including herbs and spices that come together.

Nestea - Lemon Tea

Mama Cup - Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum

World's favorite dish of all time

These 4 dishes are just a small samples of a remarkable taste of Thai food. Unlike any other part of the world, every Thai dishes featured a uniquely Thai essence and way of life. Eye-pleasing .. Fragrant .. Savory .. and Simply Delightful. And this is the amazing taste of Thaland which you could easily order today at Thai Snack Online as we offer free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep.

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