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DIY Snacks | Pineapple Rice with Pork Floss

PPAP! ... I have a rice ... I have an apple ... AH! PINE-APPLE-RICE-with-PORK-floss. haha .. have you ever heard of the latest talk of the town "PPAP" (see its viral on youtube)? Well, let's get back to our blog. And yeah, pineapple fried rice is one of the popular dish in Thailand and we're taking you through a simple DIY today with a few ingredients from us and a few fresh local ingredients around you. Yummy!

DIY Snacks | Spicy Pork Sandwich


  • Pork floss : 1/4 pack per dish [get it here]

  • Dried raisins : 1/4 pack per dish [get it here]

  • Cooked rice : 1 dish

  • Fresh pineapple : as much as you like

Ingredients for Spicy Pork Sandwich

Cooking steps

  1. Put freshly cooked rice on a dish and keep it for now

  2. Prepare the pineapple by slicing them into small pieces and keep it for now

  3. Pour 1/4 pack of pork floss on the rice from step (1) along with 1/4 pack of dried raisins

  4. Mix all rice, pork floss and raisins together until they're slightly blended

  5. Put sliced pineapples from step (2) on blended dish from step (4) ... boom! ready to serve :)

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