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A Million Definitions of Smile | Bangkok 1st Time

**For entertainment only, all characters and events are fictional and not related to any real person, place or situation that have ever existed in the real world**

Bangkok ... A city where you'll have the most alien encounters in the world. I'm Nelson Howe, professor of Philosophy in New York. I lived in Bangkok for 3 years. And this is the story of my first time in Bangkok!

Smile Thailand | Bangkok 1st Time

Salmon : What did you like most about Thai people?

Nelson : Without a doubt, I like Thai smile the most. Thailand has the richest smile in the world. Thai smiles are very beautiful. And most importantly, Thai smiles are not just ordinary smiles at all.

Salmon : Tell us more.

Nelson : Well, American smile is just to express mostly their feelings of satisfaction. Thai people always asked "Why do we have to limit the capacity of the smile with the same old belief? Because the smile can be something more extraordinary." I've traveled around the globe, and I could see only Thai people can amplify the concealed potential of a smile to its maximum efficiency.

Salmon : Is that much, uncle?

Nelson : I've done a ton of researches. Just look at my group sample. A smile can be used as an apology. ..

===Group Sample A===

A smile can be used as an apology

Ms.Sharpasclocktick : :(

Mr.Lateasusual : :) ... [i.e. "oh, I'm sorry. I was up too late last night watching soccer. At the first half, Chelsea was taking a lead. Then the second half, things get screwed for 3 goals in a row. I was so pissed that I couldn't sleep at all. That's why I'm late. I'm so sorry, honey."]

===End of Group Sample===

Nelson : You see. Just one little smile can communicate longer than facebook status. Let's move on to the next example. A smile can be used to ask for a sympathy.

===Group Sample B===

A smile can be used to ask for a sympathy

Nelson : Could you tell me which way I could go to ThaiSnackOnline shop?

A Student : :) ... [i.e. "My gosh. I beg your apology. My English is very bad. Teacher Mayuree is really bad at teaching English which made me sick of studying it. And now I'm really worried because tomorrow I got an English exam. That Jan still hasn't return my lecture sheet."]

===End of Group Sample==

Nelson : This is what I called "The Giant Leap of Evolution for Communication". You see. A smile can communicate right from her thought to me even I don't know Thai at all. Let' see the next example.

===Group Sample C===

A smile can communicate right from her thought to me even I don't know

A man starring at a girl : :) ... [i.e. "Girl! I'll just gonna rape you!"]

A man starring at a girl (FOR REAL) : Hell, NO! She just smiled at me so I replied. Nothing more.

===End of Group Sample==

Nelson : Oh, sorry. My bad. Well, you see. Smile can be such an international language. No to mentioned, I have found out that in Thailand, there's an occupation that has taken full advantage of a smile. Which is called "Pretty". This lady has the most frequent and longest smile.

===Let's have an interview===

So how long have you have you been smiling

Pretty : :)

Nelson : So how long have you have you been smiling?

Pretty : According to smile, we've got to admit that smiling is a very fundamental skill to become a "Pretty". Smiling makes my character looks attractive and friendly for people to come and talk to me. And yet, starting from the beginning of this interview until now, I've been smiling for 2 minutes already.

Nelson : And what's the hardest thing about smiling?

Pretty : For a "Pretty" like me, the difficulty of smiling is almost ZERO. Because smiling is the most fundamental skill of our career. And whatever we do, we must smile. Casting and smile :) Standing on high heels for 3 hours and smile :) Got shouted by the boss and smile :) Got beaten by boyfriend and smile :) Oil price gets higher in the last quarter and smile :) Middle civil war crisis is coming and smile :) So you can see whatever this world become, we have to smile.

Nelson : Can I touch your booby?

Pretty : HEY! Go to Hell! :(

Nelson's thought : I really don't have a clue why she suddenly stopped smiling. So I decided to smile at her and hope she will understand my messages.

Nelson : :) [i.e. "Hey, what is wrong baby? "]

Pretty : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Koh Kae - Salted Broad Beans

Koh Kae - Salted Broad Beans

Every bean counts! Try it!

The end :)

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